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Home to the Weird and Wonderful works of the Anxious Odd Artist

Welcome to the home of the digital and visual artwork of the Creative Odd Duck. Here you will find my digital and visual art, illustration, graphic design and art photography.

My digital work consists mainly of Canadian nature and wildlife based art and abstract art based off my macro photography. Much of my work incorporates multiple mediums, including but not limited to digital photography, photography editing and manipulation, altered fine art prints and art poster prints.
Much of my illustration has a cartoon feel to it but, enjoying the act of breaking boxes as much as I do, there is no one genre or style that I adhere to and much prefer learning new techniques and styles and mixing them together in my own unique way.
You will also find that unique Odd Artist style is applied to much of my graphic design. I really do dislike being relegated to one box.

You can also follow my work and process on Artstation, DeviantArt, Behance and Twitter.

For information on licensing any of my work or to enquire about commissions and one of a kind prints please feel free to use the contact form under Yak Back.

Forgotten World by Tara Cameron

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